Lived Experience Matters
Lived Experience Matters


"Always putting the voices of people with lived experience at the centre, Angela is extremely skilled in facilitating conversations with diverse groups of people ... to influence organisational development based on this" 

Jess Worner, Peer Support Practice Manager, Together for Mental Wellbeing

"I have had the pleasure of working with Angela over a number of years. She is an intuitive and adaptive leader who inspires and enthuses those who work with her. She is strategic and analytical with a firm grasp of governance and policy at both organisational and national level" 

Andy Warren, Director of Quality and Performance, Second Step

"Angela involves people from the very start, understanding how to create the conditions for people to be involved, valued and trusted ... working passionately with staff teams across services to understand service user involvement" 

 Paul Harrison, Area Manager, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Alzheimer's Society 

"Angela is an inspiration! Her work is driven by a strong sense of purpose and underpinned by the principles of equality and inclusion. She has been a leading light in making sure the voices of people are heard and acted upon.

Sarah Yiannoullou, Managing Director, National Survivor User Network

"Angela's ability to lead and problem solve is based on her inghtful understanding of issues, before giving direction around what is important (and what is not) ... her range of skills, knowledge and experience is impressive"

Anne Beales, MBE, Non-Executive Director, Sussex  Partnership NHS Foundation Trust